Sinta Collection

 The Sinta collection kindles us to remain saturated in the undertow of our consciousness. It sings of a soulful revival; an unapologetic release of bold and intimate work that seeks to provoke and pacify. It explores and touches on the essentials - a certain connectedness that speaks in shadow or light, in living colors, within the heart and soul. 


Sinta Bayong BagSinta Bayong Bag

Sinta Bayong Bag

a classic statement piece in your favorite hues and a quintessential carry-all

Santan & Gumamela  SatchelSantan & Gumamela  Satchel

Santan & Gumamela Satchel

hand-embroidered on abaca polyhemp

Makahiya SatchelMakahiya Satchel

Makahiya Satchel

hand-embroidered on eri silk fabric

Banig PouchBanig Pouch

Banig Pouch

for endless summers and your essentials.