Mangyan Ramit

Oriental Mindoro

Mangyan Ramit Fabric

From the scenic mountains of Mindoro are the Mangyan people. The art of craftsmanship has long been embedded in their way of life and considers it as an extension of their customs and traditions. Their excellent artistry and craftsmanship is now a sustainable means to uphold and keep the Mangyan culture and heritage alive. Ranging from baskets, clothing, jewellery and even to household products. 

One of their crafts is known as the ramit. A textile that is woven on a backstrap loom called harablon. The ramit features intricately woven geometric patterns and are usually dyed indigo or purple. The ramit is traditionally worn as a skirt and a blanket for carrying children.

The ramit takes at least a week to finish a meter and is just one of the numerous craft masterpeices of the Mangyan people. The Mangyan people truly have a distinct artistry that could withstand the changing times.